Why Should My DJ MC?

16 Jun 2020

In many parts of the world, the Master of Ceremonies (MC) role may be filled by a variety of people from a favourite aunt or uncle to the best man or maid of honour and in other cases, there is no person truly in the role – things just “happen” throughout the event. In many regions though, the DJ will also take on the role of your event MC. In this post, we will explore just a few of the many great reasons why your DJ should also be your event MC.

Your DJ has seen a lot of events and based on that experience, they generally have a pretty good idea about what works and what doesn’t work for countless situations. Most DJs have an incredible ability to recognise when things are not flowing correctly or when moments are missing the appropriate set up. They will adjust things on the fly as needed to ensure all moments create the impact you planned for.

In the case of a wedding, your DJ will come at things from a neutral, third party, point of view. This is very beneficial because when a family or friend is the MC at a wedding, they generally know one part of your audience a lot more than the rest. What can result from this, is that they say things only some will understand or cater more toward one part of your audience, leaving the other half feeling disconnected. A DJ can not make this mistake as they need to research both sides of the family and all of your wedding party (for example) so that it comes off that they know everyone equally.

Speaking on a microphone is typically something your DJ is already very adept at. They understand how to use sound equipment appropriately so that their voice is heard loud and clear without any additional coaching.

Many DJs also undertake specialised MC based performance training (such as MarBecca Method Workshops) to become uniquely prepared at presiding over the special moments at your event in ways that cousin John or Aunty Kim simply will not have the ability to do.

Oh and there shouldn’t be fear that your DJ will become that inebriated MC from that wedding last year. You remember that one, or you heard about that one, right? The things that were said at that wedding scarred some people for life. OK, maybe you didn’t hear about that wedding, but either way, this shouldn’t be an issue when your DJ is the MC. Professional DJs generally avoid all alcohol at events they are hired for.

If the above ideas mean something to you, take time during the consultations you’ll carry out with DJs before selecting the one you’ll hire to get an understanding of their approach to each of these topics.

There are many more reasons than just the above, but this should get you started on thinking about the many reasons why your DJ should also be considered for being your MC.

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