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What is the benefit of using DJAA Members?

So you’ve chosen the venue and the caterer, made a guest list and even have your outfit picked out. You know that if something goes wrong with any of these things, there is someone you can turn to for assistance.

But what about your entertainment? What can you do if something goes wrong? What kind of assurance do you have that your entertainer will live up to your expectations or that they will even show up? For most of us, the Event is a once in a life-time occasion. We do not want to risk souring what should be a wonderful memory by engaging a less than professional entertainer.

The DJAA has been established in such a way that consumers can rest assured that they are hiring an entertainer that has not only been judged a professional by their peers, but also by their clients. Every DJAA Accredited Level member has to meet minimum standards and other criteria before being accepted. The process verifies that they not only continually maintain professional standards and seek to improve knowledge and skill levels, but also an Independent Industry Association to stand behind these claims. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your event entertainment is secure.

DJAA members:

  • Have a minimum amount of experience to ensure you have a professional entertainer at your Event
  • Most are also proficient MCs and understand the benefits of working with venue managers and other industry professionals
  • Use quality equipment
  • Have backup plans should an issue arise
  • Dress according to the event
  • Are setup in plenty of time for the event
  • Act professionally at all times
  • DJAA has a variety of members to suit all styles of clients and events


Code of Conduct:

Please refer to the DJAA Code of Conduct for more information.

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