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Promoting professionalism within the DJ & MC industry through information, education, networking & support.
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The DJAA is a group of professional DJ & MC Entertainers from across Australasia who have joined forces to create a quality benchmark for their industry.
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Becoming a member of the DJAA can not only get you accredited but links you with other like-minded professionals.
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Join the DJAA to network, and learn from other amazing DJs & MCs just like yourself!


Is the DJAA a business or an Association?

The DJAA was originally setup as a private business and called DJ Alliance of Australia. Following some time, it was decided to incorporate as a National Association and have decisions made by a Committee of elected members. The DJ Alliance Australasia Inc. was declared a Registered Australian Body by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission on 14 July 2014.

The Association is governed by its Constitution to ensure that all decisions are made with the best interests of it’s Members, industry, clients and other professionals in mind.

Why is the DJAA a committee run organisation?

The DJ Alliance Australasia has been incorporated as a committee run not-for-profit Association to

  • ensure decisions are made by the sharing of information and an expression of diverse viewpoints and sentiments.
  • avoid hasty decisions. It takes more time to come to a decision as a committee than a single individual.
  • provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, information, facts etc. and to better analyse and appraise critical and typical situations.
  • allow group discussions at committee meetings to occur which may lead to the emergence of new ideas.
  • better provide representation of the various interests of the members.

Do the Committee Members work full time on the DJAA?

The simple answer to this question is ‘No’. The DJAA is comprised of individuals who are passionate about giving something back to the industry. Each Committee Member runs their own business and offers their time and expertise to the DJAA in-kind.

What marketing is the DJAA doing proactively to promote the group?

The primary focus of the DJAA is on offering opportunities for members and non-members to grow and develop through attendance to the DJAA National Conference held in August each year.

Other than that, the DJAA participates in online marketing through social media, approaches to industry bodies, related entities, potential supporters and our website. We are taking baby steps in regards to our marketing to ensure we get the best results. As we gain more members, we will be in a better position to allocate more funding to more mainstream avenues to promote the DJAA.

The DJAA encourages members and non-members to send through suggestions to secretary@djaa.org.au and where possible have a completed proposal ready to implement.

Is the DJAA open to Master of Ceremonies and Club DJs?

Yes. In December 2017, the Members of the DJAA voted to amend the Constitution to allow for Master of Ceremonies and Club DJs to become Members of the DJAA.

Can New Zealand DJs & MCs join?

Yes. In December 2017, the members of the DJAA voted to enact changes to the Constitution to allow New Zealand DJs and MCs to join the DJAA.

Where can I find detailed information on what the DJAA Committee is doing?

Members have access to the minutes from each meeting. This is the best way to stay informed on decisions being made by the Committee. Members are also kept up to date via the DJAA Members Facebook Group.

Non-members can be kept informed about DJAA upcoming events and news within the industry by checking our Blog and through the Official DJAA Facebook Page.