What Is The Benefit In Joining The DJ Alliance Australasia?

27 Jan 2017

A story about my progress & the benefits of joining the DJAA.



1. an advantage or profit gained from something. “enjoy the benefits of being a member”

Let’s think about that for a moment, ‘an advantage or profit’ gained from something.

I joined the DJ Alliance Australasia last year, and it’s really changed my perspective on my business, and others around me.

Maybe you’re an amateur DJ, maybe you’re a resident DJ, maybe you can make some sick tunes, and remixes at home, but you want to get out there and start earning some money.

But how….? Where do you start…? Who do you speak to…?

In 2015 I got my first taste of the DJ Alliance Australasia’s National Conference.

I paid to fly down to Melbourne for 3 days, and heard from an International MC Speaker, and sat in a room of over 50 other DJ’s from around Australia and heard from various speakers.

The benefits of joining the DJAA – isn’t just paying a membership fee. It’s improving yourself. It’s learning about other DJ’s and what they do. How they do, some of the tips & tricks that they have found – that they want to share with YOU! To help you improve, and open your mind to doing things you may or may not have considered.

It’s a group of people that act as a sounding board to listen to your concerns, fears, ideas and stories.

I remember flying down with this mindset that – I am walking into a territory of other DJ’s and that they are all going to tell me how they are better than I am. I sat in the corner and worried I was going to get grilled. “How much is your price”, “What do you charge” – all those questions we fear answering.

But it wasn’t – it was a bunch of amazing people who we all shared and talked about our experiences. I came back with pages and pages of notes that I just hadn’t thought of.

So when you think about the benefits of joining the DJAA, here is just a small list of some…

  • Training and Development on becoming a better DJ (or MC).
  • Monthly Catch Ups with other people to ask those burning questions you need help with.
  • Yearly conferences to network, learn and improve your business covering all facets of being a DJ
  • You set a standard for your business, such as Safety, Compliance & Registration.

For a small amount of money – which really isn’t a lot when you think about it, you gain so much more value in yourself, your business, and others around you.

I dare you to join the DJAA.

This post was contributed by Bradley Kjeldsen. Brad is an Accredited Member of the Alliance and an ABIA Award Winner, based in Brisbane, Queensland. He currently holds a position on the DJAA Committee and runs DJ Brad. Brad is a young, vibrant and professional music-lover who caters for Weddings, engagements, corporate events, school formals, kids parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties and office parties.