What Does An MC Do At A Wedding?

27 Jan 2017

In this post, we are going to look at exactly what an MC (Master of Ceremonies) actually does at a wedding. What is an MC responsible for? What should a client be looking for in an MC?

One of the major downfalls that can ruin a wedding is a poorly organised MC. All too often a family member is chosen, simply because the bridal couple don’t understand or appreciate what an MC does. Often this family member uses this opportunity as their 15 minutes of fame instead of making the bridal couple the stars of the event.

What is an MC actually responsible for then?

An MC is not supposed to be a ‘funny guy’. A good MC is also not somebody that is “funny when they are drunk”.

A good MC is responsible for –

  • Being familiar with (and even assist) in the event’s running schedule / timesheet.
  • The MC should arrive to the venue before all the guests so they can greet them as they walk in the door. The MC should have had time to test the microphone, introduce themselves to the DJ and venue staff etc.
  • Check that the order of entry for the bridal party that has been given is in the correct order.
  • Make sure that any venue requirements in compliance with health and safety have been met. This may include making an announcement to guests of any such venue stipulations.
  • Make sure the DJ or the musicians have the songs ready for each special time of the night (grand entry / cake cutting etc).
  • Ensure that everyone that is going to be making a speech is present and ready prior to starting speeches.
  • The MC should announce such things as speeches, introduce each speaker, cake cutting etc.
  • A good MC will also ensure that the bridal couple are comfortable and being looked after.
  • An MC is the host of the event essentially and all suppliers should be going to the MC rather than the bridal couple to check on anything they need to know. This allows the couple to relax and enjoy their night.

So, you can see, the MC is responsible for so much more than just making a few simple announcements. A good MC will be focused and ready to take any actions to make sure the night runs smoothly and all guests and especially the bridal couple are comfortable.

This post was contributed by Nik Edser. Nik is an Accredited Member of the Alliance and an ABIA Award Winner, based on the Gold Goast in Queensland. He currently holds a position on the DJAA Committee and together with his wife Natalie, run NikNat Entertainment. Nik not only provides MC & DJ services but also offers a live music option.