What Do Brides Really Want?

27 Jan 2017

If you are considered one of the best wedding DJs, MCs or other wedding professional in Australia (or anywhere for that matter), it is probably because you are giving brides (and grooms) exactly what they want and need. There is far too much competition out there for this not to be true!

What I have learnt from speaking with brides over the decades either through social networking groups or the old fashioned way (telephone calls, meetings, emails), these are some of the things that brides want from their wedding suppliers.

1. To feel like their wedding is the most important wedding you’ll do this year. To feel like they are the only bride in the world.

2. To hear back from you about their email or phone enquiry right away. Like now. If not now, then today.

3. To know you will be on time for meetings, conference calls and their wedding.

4. To be able to get an appointment to meet with you within a very short time period or at their convenience.

5. To be able to ask questions and make changes throughout the months leading up to their wedding.

6. To be charged rates that equals the value and demand of the professional and service they are receiving.

7. To be treated like a friend, not a client.

8. A contract that clearly and simply outlines everything they are getting.

9. Speedy delivery of any physical products they ordered.

10. Compassion for their stress.

11. That you check your email and phone messages regularly and respond just as regularly.

12. A range of payment options.

13. That you are organised.

14. That you are going to write down (and properly file) all of the details you discuss in your consultations, meetings and/or conversations.

15. That you recognise them and know their name when they see you at a bridal show! (Yes, it happens)

16. That you offer something within their budget, if you know it ahead of the consultation.

17. That you fully appreciate the responsibility that comes with being an integral part of their wedding day.

18. A website that showcases a large sampling of your portfolio for them to view at home.

19. A blog. Brides love blogs.

20. That you deliver on all your promises. Yes, all of them!

21. That their expectations to be at least met but preferably, exceeded.

If you are able to provide the majority of the above listed things, you will be well on your way to having a very happy client, someone who will be singing your praises to all and sundry plus most likely end up with a new friend.

This post was contributed by Serge Olivieri. Serge is an Accredited Member of the Alliance and currently serves on the DJAA Committee, is based in Sydney, New South Wales and runs DJ:Plus! Entertainment which specialises in weddings. With a focus on quality and high level customer service, DJ:Plus! Entertainment has been awarded numerous State, National & International awards.