You Are Your Business’ Most Important Asset. Take Care Of It.

5 Jun 2017

The most important thing about your life and asset in your DJ business is YOU. Without you there is no business. Taking care of yourself, looking after both your mind and body, is actually an integral part of your business and that which contributes to its growth. And the part that makes you unique is your mind. Your ability to think and reason before taking action is a precious gift,  and throughout life, we need to improve our thinking. The ability to improve our quality of thinking makes it easier to solve problems. Our ability to think positively lets us see the many opportunities around us. Negative thinking shuts doors to success.

With all the technology these days making things so much easier, it is also gradually turning our minds to ‘mush’ in the process. Once upon a time, everybody memorised telephone numbers, addresses, birthdays and lots of other facts. Today these are stored in a device as reminders. Just think about how many of us struggle to work out a financial or mathematical problem when we do not have access to a calculator. The human brain has virtually no limit to the amount of information it can remember – a calculation by Professor Paul Reber suggests that the human brain can store 2.5 Petabytes of data (2,500,000 Gigabytes). So why would you want to turn this ability off?

If you don’t make yourself a priority in your DJ business, it will suffer and if you want to build a successful and sustainable DJ business that will help you live the lifestyle you want to live, you will need to exercise your brain the same way as any other part of the body. You need to make regular investment in self-improvement and your professional development to not only exercise your mind, but also improve your worth through increased knowledge. Looking after this very important asset ensures that your value will increase.

An event such as the DJAA National Conference can truly act as a conduit to your personal fountain of knowledge in many ways. There are always new products & standards, performance & business skills to be learnt, unique situations to talk about and a multitude of ideas to share with colleagues. And almost all of them are happy to share their knowledge with you. Your return from attending will certainly depend on how you choose to invest your time there, and yes – it can actually be hard work! However, if you invest your time properly, the benefits you stand to gain from attending, WILL make it well worth the effort!!

With positive thinking and lifelong learning, you can continue to find new ways to be a value to your customers. You can jump years ahead of your competition by developing new skills and experience success. By valuing yourself as your biggest asset, you can catapult your DJ career and life to higher levels. As a service professional, your business is YOU, so be sure to be aware of how important you are to your business and continually take steps to ensure you are increasing the value of this KEY asset.

This post was contributed by Serge Olivieri. Serge is an Accredited Member of the Alliance and currently serves on the DJAA Committee, is based in Sydney, New South Wales and runs DJ:Plus! Entertainment.