Standing Together

19 May 2020

A lot of us had big dreams for 2020, but that abruptly changed. The current situation no longer resembles what we envisioned for the year. None of us can truly say when things will return to normal, but we all share the same hope.

This unexpected emotional journey has been trying and challenging for many of us. We can only empathise with couples that find themselves rescheduling their wedding after so much effort and planning. Some couples are struggling to find alternate dates that work for all their vendors, while others are simply waiting to see what happens next.

Without definitive answers, this can all seem a little overwhelming. Putting something on hold that you have invested your heart and soul into can be really frustrating. As wedding professionals, we want all couples to know we are here for you. We know some weddings have to be rescheduled and we are working with you to ease some of the stress.

Many of our industry friends are doing the same thing and working to help ensure couples have their special day, even if that means it is in 2021 instead of 2020. These professionals really do care about your wedding, as well as your health and well-being. To us and our industry friends, it is never just a wedding, we understand that this is one of the biggest moments in your life.

Let’s not lose sight of what a wedding is: the celebration of your love with family and friends. When you have the support and love of your family and friends along with a great team of wedding professionals, wedding dreams come true, even if the date is different.

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