Making Use of Technology – Responsive Marketing

21 Jan 2018

We live in an amazing time. Technology has really made the world smaller as we are able to instantly communicate in real time across the globe. All those childhood dreams of one day having a video phone like in the science fiction movies has actually come to pass!

When we wind the clock back and consider the marketing of days gone by, it was non-responsive, one-way communication. Marketing in print media, television, radio and billboards are all one way. It is a place to get your message out, but is not responsive. There is no real effective way for the person seeing the advertisement to respond quickly and easily.

Fast forward to today with online marketing (especially social media), and we have a wonderful opportunity to embrace responsive marketing. Here is where we can advertise and encourage almost instant two-way communication between the seller and the buyer. This is something that marketers in the past would have only ever dreamed about. (Check out the story of Edward Bernays if you want some real inspiration when it comes to effective marketing. What he could have done with responsive marketing would have been incredible).

Even though we have this gift of responsive marketing, it is all too common to see people still stuck in the mindset of one-way marketing. Pushing their message out without taking advantage of the fact they could actually build a conversation with the potential client. It is not surprising as responsive marketing is so new that a mind-shift will probably take a generation to truly be embraced and used to its full potential. Dave Evans, co-founder of Digital Voodoo, a well respected marketing company in the United States said “to truly persuade, you must engage”. When it comes to social media, two-way communication really is the heart of the entire reason for the existence of
social media.

It is not uncommon to see a potential client mention they want to hire a DJ on a Facebook forum, only to have the post quickly filled with one-way advertisements. This is one way of advertising and may work well, but consider the power we have been given and take the opportunity to start a conversation with the potential client. Ask a question, give advice, make a comment … whatever it takes to start that two-way communication. These strategies will have you stand head and shoulders above the rest who just pasted their usual advertisement on the post as it shows you actually took the time and care to read what they want and tailored a well thought out response.

This post was contributed by Nik Edser. Nik is an Accredited Member of the Alliance and an ABIA Award Winner, based on the Gold Goast in Queensland. He currently holds a position on the DJAA Committee and together with his wife Natalie, run NikNat Entertainment. Nik not only provides MC & DJ services but also offers a live music option.