Make Your Wedding Unique

27 Jan 2017

Planning a wedding is such a daunting task. Not only does everything seem to cost a fortune, but most brides are under pressure to make everything perfect. This is especially difficult when most brides have never planned a wedding before.

So how can you plan your wedding with as little stress as possible? Well my advice is to spend some time to research all your wedding suppliers. There is a great saying that “You don’t know what you don’t know”. So why not do some research and find out as much as you can.

There are also some amazing books out there for brides such as Peter Merry’s “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever” which gives couples a wonderful insight into how to plan a great wedding. Whereas most “Wedding Planners” are more interested in decorating your wedding, this book offers some great ideas so that couples can ensure a fun and smooth running wedding.

Almost every bride I meet wants her wedding to be fun, unique and memorable. Everyone has been to wedding before and most follow a very similar course of events. Most couples do the same things that every other couple have done before them, with no real reasoning as to why they are doing it.

When it comes to weddings there are very few things that you ‘have’ to do. Your celebrant will take care of all the legal stuff, but apart from that you are free to make your wedding celebration as personal as YOU want it to be.

To make your wedding unique, you don’t have to even do anything over the top or ‘crazy’. You may even choose to follow all the normal wedding traditions. Most of my clients follow the normal wedding traditions, but we work with them to create unique, personalized moments around those traditions so that the couple and their guests will remember their wedding.

Whenever you need help putting together a great wedding reception, you should always ask your entertainer for their advice. If you have hired a high quality DJ and Master of Ceremonies, they will be able to help you create a timeline which will be conducive to a fun and memorable wedding celebration.

Article contributed by: Glenn Mackay – G&M DJs. On behalf of the DJAA we would like to thank you for your contribution to the industry.