How Much For A Wedding DJ/MC?

27 Jan 2017

This has to be the most frequent question I receive. The really short answer is probably more than you think, the short answer is anywhere between $600 and $3000+. Does that help? Probably not, so keep reading and I’ll explain.

Many people may assume that all wedding DJs do the same thing and with the same level of proficiency, so want to pay the “average price” or “going rate”. It may be they have not had the opportunity to experience a DJ that can really deliver quality entertainment, so they hire the cheapest DJ to play their music.

So just how much should you pay for a Wedding DJ/MC?

First you need to decide what sort of DJ you want and need. We all offer different levels of service, experience and ability/talent. Do you just want someone to play music for dancing? Or someone that will work as your unofficial wedding reception planner, who will help you plan, organise and basically manage the event for you? Oh, and of course, they will also be your DJ playing music for dancing.

Now decide, what’s the most important thing to you at your wedding reception? The cake, the flowers, food or everyone having a good time? Do you want classy introductions and someone who entertains your guests, and I don’t mean just by playing dance music. There’s so much more a good wedding DJ/MC does that can greatly impact your wedding reception.

At this point it’s up to you to determine how much you want to spend, and what level of personalisation and service you want. The $1500+ DJ will work with you to customise and personalise your event, offering unique and creative suggestions for your reception (introductions, cake cutting, etc.). So they are a good choice if you want a reception that is personalised. Then there is the DJ who will come and play some music for dancing, and that’s it. Now I’m not saying that a $600 DJ is not good, you may get lucky in this price bracket, but is it worth the risk? Conversely, that doesn’t mean a $3000+ DJ is the best, however they will put a lot of work into the planning of the reception, most likely meeting with you 2 or 3 times before the wedding for consultations. Although they may be in demand and talented, they may not suit the vibe of your reception, it just depends on what you want.

You see, a DJ/MC will charge the fee they think they are worth. It’s the demand and supply principle. If they don’t get bookings then they lower the price until the bookings come. This also works the other way. If they are booked out every Saturday night and have to knock back clients, then they may decide that they are too cheap and the price goes up.

So how do you find a talented Wedding DJ/MC? Well that’s a whole other article, stay tuned.