Being In The Moment

27 Jan 2017

To consistently deliver successful outcomes in wedding entertainment as a DJ/MC, we all know planning is important. Ad-libbing is also as a great skill (to make it up as you go along) but are we skilful enough to only ad-lib to deliver consistent results without planning? Something we often miss along with the planning and ad-libbing is the art of ‘being in the moment’.

The late Robin Williams was a master of ‘being in the moment’, because of his high level of planning, preparation and his ability to ad-lib. Thankfully we don’t have to be Robin Williams, but we do need to be authentic to ensure our clients have fun at their wedding.

With technology today it’s all too easy to get distracted and do multiple things at the same time. for example, while playing dinner music, emailing, updating social media and texting etc. It’s paramount to give 100% to the most important people in the room because we do this weekly, and for the client, it’s a once in a lifetime moment.

When planning, preparing and ad-libbing your next wedding consider ‘being in the moment’.

Moment After Being In The Moment

This post was contributed by Paul Collier & Steve Bowen. Both Paul & Steve are Accredited Members of the Alliance and currently serve on the DJAA Committee. Paul is based in Brisbane, Queensland and runs Paul Collier Wedding DJ, whilst Steve is based in Albury, New South Wales and runs Bowens Entertainment.