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The DJAA is all about helping all DJs and MCs no matter what level they are at. We also understand that life happens and that there may be unavoidable circumstances that may prevent a DJ or MC from honouring a booking. It is also understood that the majority of DJs and MCs are sole traders and may not have a network that they can call on for assistance in such a situation so as not to let the client down.

Say hello to the SOS DJ & MC Directory. This Directory is an industry directory only and not assessible by the General Public. Listings are FREE to ALL DJs & MCs and DJAA Membership is not required. The concept is that we build a database of DJs & MCs throughout Australia (and eventually New Zealand) and if a DJ or MC finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to perform due to illness or some other situation, they can log in to the SOS DJ & MC Directory, search the area and surrounds of the event and locate DJs & MCs nearby. They are then able to message or contact them to check availability and all things working out, secure a replacement for the client.

Obviously, it will take time to grow the database,  but we hope that this helps DJs and MCs around Australia and New Zealand to not let their clients down, when the unexpected happens and they are unable to perform. Listings are valid for one year at a time and need to be renewed (no cost) just so we can keep the Directory up to date and any listings which are no longer valid due to the operator no longer being in business,  are automatically removed if not renewed within the prescribed time frame.

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